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A journey towards continuous improvement where we are committed to helping you to meet your goals.

Where insight inspires action

Hospital departments face numerous operational challenges, often creating the need to put out fires and react to problems only as they arise. This distraction can take you from your top priority: your patients.


PerformanceBridge empowers hospitals with a flexible suite of services to support continuous improvement, providing a path to help you find and maximize opportunities to do more with less while maintaining a focus on patient care.

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Bringing data, people and services together

A journey of continuous improvement

Benefit from a unbiased team of experts, committed to achieve your goals

PerformanceBridge is built to support your need to constantly and structurally optimize your operational departmental performance. By bringing together data, people and services to bridge the gap between data and decision making;

At the core, the PerformanceBridge Tool a user-focused and cloud-based dashboard, provides at-a-glance insights into operations and performance across modalities.

Data is essential - but can’t drive change on its own. Therefore, we complement it with:

  • the PerformanceBridge Advisor who drives meaningful performance improvement
  • a global team of experts to interpret data for you and present actionable insights
  • best practices from other healthcare institutions
  • benchmarks and insights to increase its relevance and value

Intelligent tools and data analytics

The Philips PerformanceBridge Tool is a secure, cloud-based service that gives professionals access to departmental performance through an easy to use dashboard, providing information about KPI's relating to the utilization, usage and performance of connected systems. The dashboard provides case studies and training alerts. This helps to identify issues, understand deviations from custom-set targets, and gain meaningful insights into growth and improvement areas.

Deeper analysis for greater insights

The PerformanceBridge Tool enables a specific modality to be examined in greater detail with access to graphical data on uptime, volume and utilization. You can then filter the results and drill down to analyze your data in exactly the right way.

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PerformanceBridge Tool key features



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Supported by a team of dedicated experts

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Expert analysis from PerformanceBridge Advisors

For some departments, access to data isn’t enough. You may be seeking help to make that data useful in order to deliver better patient care focused on outcomes and value.

With an understanding of your workflow and evidence-based practices, our advisors will analyze your data regularly to understand which processes are working well and which processes are in need of improvement. Their analyses will help identify gaps and include recommended actions that can help drive improved performance outcomes.

Your dedicated PerformanceBridge Advisor will:

  • Conduct an in-depth, initial assessment of your department
  • Assess your goals and baseline performance
  • Establish KPIs and metrics that are aligned with your targets
  • Identify improvement opportunities to improve your operational performance of your department
  • Benchmark your performance
  • Monitor and report your progress to drive continuous improvement

By creating a custom roadmap that turns insights into actionable recommendations, Philips can help drive your strategy for continuous improvements in efficiency and patient care, today and tomorrow.


Flexible suite of continuous improvement solutions

We will work with you to co-create a personalized solution of the right combination of generally available commercial tools that align with your needs. Our flexible approach helps you prioritize performance metrics on 6 key pillars.



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Strengthen control of the imaging budget with insight to asset expenses.



Utilize capacity of assets in the best possible way to deliver care.



Leverage available assets with aim of zero unplanned downtime.

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Strive for optimal safety for patients and staff through regulatory compliance.




Translate departmental metrics into opportunities to drive operational efficiency.

PerformanceBridge Practice



Improve staff capabilities to further drive improvements.

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