Improving clinical performance

Improving clinical performance to transform patient care

"Philips offered us a continuum of process improvements we could work with; with some very simple things that would take us a little bit longer to fully implement.”


Judy Canal
Director of Imaging Services, Radiology

Lowell General Hospital

The opportunity

The opportunity

Hospitals and healthcare systems must continually improve their clinical processes, reduce unnecessary costs, and increase system utilization. Philips' combined capabilities – in consulting, data analytics, clinical technology, and experience design – can help improve clinical metrics, facility design, and the overall patient experience.
The opportunity

The challenge

Philips takes a data-driven approach focused on improving value to the patient in order to effect transformation on a meaningful scale. This requires the insights and engagement of both clinical and management staff as well as their collaborative commitment to recommended change initiatives.
The opportunity

The solution

Aligned in the belief that transformation starts with a focus on improving quality and value to the patient, the team uses experience flow mapping and data analytics to discern workflow and process issues and to highlight opportunities for process improvement. They provide change recommendations and can support the implementation of program initiatives if required.
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Transforming care with a holistic, patient-focused approach

Improving clinical and operational process performance

Improving clinical and operational process performance

Input from patients help to address unique challenges
Input from patients, family members, physicians, and staff helps to address challenges unique to each institution
Staff interviews detail the issue
Staff interviews detail the issues and collaboration supports future change initiatives
Experience flow mapping
Experience flow mapping outlines the patient flow to visually highlight issue areas and opportunities for improvement