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Hospital telehealth

Transforming care delivery where it matters most

Why Philips for hospital telehealth solutions 

Powered by industry-leading clinical algorithms, patented processes, a dedicated care team and clinical expertise, Philips inpatient telehealth programs ensure you have the technology, tools and support you need to improve the quality of care in every unit of the hospital, while driving down your overall costs.


Our programs for intensive care, medical/surgical, skilled nursing and specialist consultation in the emergency department enable clinically-driven, best-in-class, connected care that helps improve outcomes¹, lowers costs² and delivers results that matter to the health system, clinician and patient.

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Philips telehealth programs at use in the hospital and there impact on clinical outcomes, financial value, and access to care.

Enabling technologies

Technology-powered connected care


As a patient moves through the different units of a hospital, eCareManager keeps their information in a centralized database. It provides that their care teams—bedside and telehealth—always have access to the same, up-to-date information, so they can collaborate efficiently and effectively, every step of the way.

eCare manager


Analytics which drive evidence-based best practice

Philips eICU Research Institute (eRI) was established by Philips as a platform to advance the knowledge of critical care. The ERI database is a repository of anonymous data donated by member institutions and is instrumental in product development as well as a key enabler for critical research in the intensive care field.

Analytics which drive evidence-based best practice


  1. Lilly, CM, et al, A Multi-center Study of ICU Telemedicine Reengineering of Adult Critical Care, CHEST, December 2013
  2. Dahl D, et al. People, Technology, and Process Meet the Triple Aim. Nurs Admin Q. 2014 Jan-Mar; 38(1): 13–21.

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