Extended Payment Terms
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Extended Payment Terms

Acquire Philips Healthtech now and pay back over time

Advance patient care and increase revenues by tapping new funding sources. With Extended Payment Terms you can:


  • Increase your purchasing power to acquire the advanced Philips technology and solutions you need now to improve patient care
  • Spread acquisition costs over a longer period of time, preserving cash flow for use in daily operations
  • Brings expenses on Philips medical equipment, services and IT solutions in line with revenues from your investments

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Key benefits of Extended Payment Terms

  • Open credit lines

Tap new funding sources to obtain the technology you need to grow while preserving cash and credit lines to support other core activities


  • Choice of terms

Choose between linear, annuity or custom payment plan, tailoring them to your specific needs and situation


  • Extended payment period

Leverage benefits of new technology over time with 3 to 7-year repayment plans, or even up to 10-year repayment can be discussed

Our approach

Choose the payment plan that's right for you


Depending on your individual needs and objectives, you can pay back the acquired Philips health technology in fixed or flexible periodic installments.

Fixed payments


Fixed payments


Turn up-front costs for Philips equipment or technology investments into predictable,  fixed payments. Repayments can also be arranged in quarterly or semi-annually installments.

Deferred payments


Deferred payments


Start paying after deployment of the solution or when budget is available to preserve your cash reserves. Take advantage of a grace period to restart your healthcare practice or accrue income to finance health technology.

Stepped payments


Stepped payments


With step-up or step-down payments, you can match your periodic repayments with your deployment schedule. It helps you manage your incoming and outgoing cash flows effectively and improve patient care.

Pay per use




Make a portion of your repayments based on the actual usage of equipment and patient volume. Below certain volumes, you only pay ‘floor payments’ and above a pre-agreed ‘ceiling’, you can use the technology at no additional costs.

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Why choose Extended Payment Terms with Philips?

In addition to extended payment terms and flexible payment structures, Philips Capital can customize a financing plan to match your individual healthcare delivery needs and cash flow restraints. We offer a full spectrum of financing solution to help you get the most value from your investments.


Financing models to maximize Lifecycle Investments


See our flexible models that can help you make confident medical equipment investment decisions supported by sound financial advice.

Discover the full spectrum of our financing solutions


Keep quality high and costs low by leasing Philips health technology

Extended Payment Terms 

Acquire Philips health technology now and pay back over time

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Access working capital solutions to grow your business with Philips

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