Ingenia 1.5T MR system

Ingenia 1.5T

MR system

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Put quality first with Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI system. Digital clarity and speed¹ help clinicians diagnose with confidence, explore new applications, and work productively. Great patient reviews build your image in the community. All supported by our commitment to helping you grow.

  • ¹, ² Up to 40% more SNR compared to Achieva as non digital/dStream system
  • ³. Hinged upon the unique FlexCoverage Posterior coil that provides neck-to-toe coverage without the need for any manual removal or repositioning, iPatient enables imaging with fewer coils and reduces coil positioning and patient setup time
  • ⁴. Premium IQ defined as increased SNR and speed and improved fat-free and motion-free imaging obtained on dStream with dS SENSE, mDIXON and MultiVane XD compared to Achieva with SENSE, Dixon and Propeller