UltraFill Home oxygen system


Home oxygen system

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UltraFill is an advanced home oxygen system with a stationary oxygen concentrator, filling station, and high-capacity 3,000 PSI cylinders for mainstream and high-usage oxygen patients. Homecare providers can use it with existing inventory.

3000 psi cylinders

3000 psi cylinders deliver 40% more oxygen than 2000 psi cylinders

UltraFill’s long-lasting 3,000 PSI cylinders (MB08, MC13, MD22, and ME36) provide patients with greater than 40% more oxygen than similar sized 2,000 PSI tanks. That means a patient using the 3,000 PSI MB08 tank on a setting of two at 20 BPM will have approximately three more hours of oxygen than the patient using a 2,000 PSI M6 tank on the same settings.
less-delivery technology

Less-delivery technology reduces provider costs

The system generates oxygen and fills cylinders right in the home, eliminating recurrent oxygen deliveries for service providers .Since 3,000 PSI cylinders last longer than traditional 2,000 PSI cylinders, patients will require fewer cylinders as well.
One-handed operation

One-handed operation for easy handling

The cylinder can be easily connected and disconnected with one hand. This makes it easy for people of all ages to handle the system.
Automatic indicators

Automatic indicators simplify use

Patients can easily see the level of oxygen as the cylinder is being filled on the fill level indicator. Cylinders can be topped off to make partial fills. The system automatically detects whether a 3,000 or 2,000 PSI cylinder is attached.
Universal compatibility

Universal compatibility reduces operating costs

Service providers can use this system with their existing concentrators, oxygen conserving devices (OCDs), and regulators to avoid extra equipment costs.
50% quieter than other devices

50% quieter than other devices for a pleasant environment

This system makes half the noise of comaparable devices so patients can easily converse with other people, watch TV and hear the doorbell without straining their ears.
Low-maintenance design

Low-maintenance design for fewer service calls

The low maintenance design enables service providers to lower service costs for additional savings. The intuitive design makes it easy for patients to use, which means less service and nuisance calls.
  • *When filling, 3 LPM of oxygen is available with a 5 liter concentrator (EverFlo and Milennium) and up to 7 LPM is available with a 10 liter concentrator (Milennium M10).
  • **For a complete listing of all UltraFill 2,000 and 3,000 PSI oxygen cylinders and specifications, consult the UltraFill user manual.
  • ***Duration utilizing the Chad Therapeutic Bonsai conserving device at a setting of 2, breath rate of 20 BPM. Conserving ratio of 4.5:1