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Free up extra time in your MR department with Philips Compressed SENSE

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    Philips Compressed SENSE helps you boost productivity

    Gain valuable time with our compressed sensing application. You can accelerate MRI scans for virtually every patient and anatomy. For single sequences and the entire MRI examination. You can now consider adding patient slots to your daily schedule. Free up capacity to easily insert an unplanned patient in your schedule. Keeping your exams within the allocated time slots can also reduce staff overtime.

    Curious about how much time your hospital can save with Compressed SENSE? 

    Scan faster to reduce your MRI backlog

    Due to COVID-19, our MRI patient throughput has been reduced by about 50% which resulted in an increased backlog and even longer waiting times for patients. Now we are carefully increasing our number of patients per day and Compressed SENSE helps us to reduce our backlog faster and shortens the waiting times for patients.

    Dr. D. Bouman, Head of Radiology, MST Enschede, Netherlands​

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    Facing major MRI backlog challenges? Scan up to 50% faster to reduce your backlog faster.​

    Curious about how much time your hospital can save? 

    More patients per day

    More patients per day

    Add extra patient slots to your daily MRI schedule

    By using Compressed SENSE on many existing MRI scan sequences, many hospitals have shortened their MRI scan times without sacrificing image quality. A number of hospitals with a high volume of patients have chosen to use these time savings to add extra patient slots to their daily MRI scanning schedule. This has the potential to help hospitals reduce waiting lists and offer a faster MRI service to patients and referring physicians.

    More patients per day within the same scanning hours.

    Introduction to Compressed SENSE Statistics

    Dres. med. Dirk Wagner, Björn W. Raab and colleagues in the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Joint Practice Göttingen, Germany reported that they shortened exam time from about 15 minutes to 11 minutes on average per patient after implementing Compressed SENSE. This subsequently allowed them to scan 5 more MRI patients per day within the same scanning hours.2

    We went from hour time slots to 30 minutes. We went from having 13 patients to 26 to 28 every single day."

    Kris Giordano, Imaging Manager, RWJBarnabas Health, USA

    Flexible Patient Scheduling

    Flexible patient scheduling

    Easily fit in unplanned patients

    By reducing the MRI scan time for each sequence, a time slot for a full MRI examination can be reduced by several minutes. This can allow a department with a busy schedule to free up extra capacity on its MRI scanner to handle emergency cases or urgent patients that are referred on the same day.

    Before we were getting close to 30 minutes/scan and we couldn’t have really done as many addons or be as flexible in the schedule as we are now with Compressed SENSE.”

    Richard L Bajakian, M.D., MRI Specialists of Boynton Beach, FL, USA

    We can now provide a more flexible and faster MRI service to our patients and referring physicians.

    For instance, when a referring physician is requesting it, we can now quite smoothly insert an additional MRI examination without previous appointment on the same day.


    The shorter exams alleviate the pressure on our full daily schedule of MRI patients."

    Dr. Hideki Koyasu, MD, Neurosurgeon and Director of KOYASU, Neurosurgical Clinic, Kanagawa, Japan

    Reduce overtime

    Reduce overtime

    Reduction in overtime, while maintaining same patient throughput per day.

    We frequently encounter MRI Departments whose MRI scanners are fully booked. This can mean scanning continues past regular opening hours and staff have to work overtime. Compressed SENSE can make MRI examinations shorter and more manageable, helping patients and staff get home on time. Compressed SENSE has reduced their staff overtime through shorter time slots and more flexible scheduling.

    Decreased staff overtime, maintain patient throughput

    Statistics of scanning hours

    After implementing Compressed SENSE at CTI Innsbruck, Austria reduced staff overtime by more than one hour, while maintaining the same patient throughput per day.

    Up to 50% faster 3D sequences, with virtually equal image quality1

    Compare the time savings of an MRI scan performed with Compressed SENSE MRI software versus a conventional scanning technique

    Full exam 1:55 min
    Dr. Masayuka Kumashiro Radiological technologist and director of  Radiological technology who has shorter scan time due Philips Compressed SENSE
    The shorter scan times achieved with Compressed SENSE relieve the stress of a tight work schedule for the MR staff."

    Masayuki Kumashiro, PhD, Radiological Technologist and Director of Radiological Technology, Kurashiki Central Hospital, Japan

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    Increased throughput, shorter MRI time slots

    Compressed SENSE can accelerate most MRI scan sequences without sacrificing image quality, which allowed KOYASU Neurosurgical Clinic (KNC) to shorten its MRI time slots. As a result, KNC increased the throughput of their MRI scanner with an average of three additional patients per day.

    Paradigm Shift

    A paradigm shift in productivity

    Learn more about the main principles of Compressed SENSE MRI software and how it introduces a paradigm shift in productivity. Compressed SENSE was designed around image quality, and it can accelerate scans, increase spatial resolution and enhance the patient experience for clinical MR imaging.

    KCH image

    High quality and fast scanning at KCH

    The MRI staff at Kurashiki Central Hospital incorporated Compressed SENSE into most of the brain, spine, abdominal, and cardiac examination protocols on their Ingenia 1.5T, resulting in fast and high-quality MRI scans, which is welcomed by patients and staff.

    philips landing enhanced mr large

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    1. Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE.
    2. Results from case studies are not predictive. Results in other cases may vary

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