In-depth insight into the transformative power that Smart Quant can have on the clinical workflow

By Philips ∙ Featuring Dr. Julien Savatovsky, Niko Hofkens, Ole Wiese | Jan, 2024 | 43:13 min


Magnetic resonance


SmartQuant webinar with Dr. Savatovksy

Webinar highlights - Total duration [43:13]

  • [0:00] Introduction to Philips SmartSpeed
  • [3:33] Introduction to Smart Quant 
  • [7:23] First-of-a-kind experience on Smart Quant
  • [9:29] Demonstrate the utility of assessing multiple synthetic "sequences" from a single acquisition
  • [11:29] 0-click workflow to produce images
  • [15:47] Assess the added value of quantitative maps and volumetric reports
  • [24:44] Foresee the future additions of Smart Quant
  • [33:24] Conclusion
  • [35:06] Q&A session


Would you like to use the quantitative imaging technique to gain more insights into abnormalities, but time has been an obstacle for you? Smart Quant1 can help you accelerate quantitative imaging via AI. Watch this webinar to get insights from Dr. Julien Savatovsky, neuroradiologist at Fondation Rotschild Paris on the transformative power that Smart Quant can have on the clinical workflow.

"It's a fast quantitative MR technique that is integrated in our clinical workflow. We now have the ability to generate multiple synthetic weighted images from a single sequence. This gives us the potential to have a great gain of time in our acquisition protocol."

Dr. Julien Savatovky

Neuroradiologist, Fondation Rothschild, Paris

Speakers list

Dr. Julien Savatovsky

Dr. Julien Savatovsky

Neuroradiologist, Fondation Rothschild, Paris

Niko Hofkens

Niko Hofkens

Head of Sales Europe, SyntheticMR 

Ole Wiese

Ole Wiese

MR Business Line Manager, Philips

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[1] Philips Smart Quant is a combination of SmartSpeed technology and quantitative MR (SyntAc). Smart Quant provides the input for the Synthethic MR software, SyMRI. Any quantification reference in the presented material is provided solely by SyMRI software.

Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

3D Smart Quant is not yet CE marked, and not available for sale.

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