DoseWise Portal 2.0 Radiation dose management solution

DoseWise Portal 2.0

Radiation dose management solution

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DoseWise Portal 2.0 is a multi-vendor, web-based software solution that collects, measures, analyzes, and reports patient radiation exposure across your enterprise, assisting you to take control of quality of care, efficiency and patient wellbeing. The DoseWise Portal collects X-ray dose information from all your X-ray modalities in one central application.


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Take control of dose management across your organization


A critical component in providing exceptional patient care is strong radiation control and management. We can help you create a comprehensive dose management program with DoseWise Portal 2.0 at its core. It is a turnkey dose management solution that gives you control over patient dose and staff occupational dose. It increases transparency across the entire enterprise and enables you to make data-driven decisions concerning quality initiatives and radiation management.

Take control with DoseWise

DoseWise Solutions help you take control over patient care, staff well being, and regulatory compliance with a comprehensive suite of dose management tools, training and integrated product technologies.
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Philips DoseWise Portal Server Specification
Quad-core or 4 vCPU, 2.8 GHz (AMD Opteron™ 4133, Xeon® E5, E7, or greater)
8 GB minimum
100 GB minimum system partition, 400 GB minimum data partition (RAID 1 recommended)
1 GBps
Operating system
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Client Browser
Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome 40+
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Last modified June 23, 2015

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