Prone Plus Infant positioning aid

Prone Plus

Infant positioning aid

Najdi podobne izdelke

Prone Plus was developed to meet the prone positioning needs of hospitalized infants. It assists in proper prone positioning and ventral support (important aspects in the Developmental Care of infants) by using the natural force of gravity.

Four different sizes

Four different sizes for premature through full-term infants

Prone Plus Ventral Support comes in four different sizes for the proper positioning of premature through full-term infants.
Unique hourglass shape

Unique hourglass shape supports proper posture

The unique shape of the Prone Plus facilitates natural rounding of the shoulders, hand-to-mouth coordination, and head and trunk alignment. These are all important components in the support of infant development. Using Prone Plus allows the infant's legs to remain tucked with pelvis tilted forward, and promotes flexion of the extremities without placing excessive pressure on knees and elbows.
Prone positioning

Prone positioning offers clinical benefits

Prone positioning encourages the development of flexor tone, allows active neck extension and head raising, and offers an alternative to other positions to reduce skull flattening.
Urethane cover

Additional Benefits

Made of memory foam for comfortable support. Urethane cover is wipeable and reusable. Soft outer knit covering can be machine washed.