Defining the future of image guided therapy








Defining the future of image guided therapy

Philips completes acquisition of Volcano Corporation

How do you become the leading systems integrator in the fast

growing image-guided minimally invasive surgery market?


You do it by developing solutions that employ the very best image-guided technologies.


We’ve done just that with our recent acquisition of Volcano Corporation, a global leader in intravascular imaging for coronary and peripheral applications, and physiology. Combined with our existing portfolio of interventional X-ray and ultrasound imaging equipment, navigation systems, software and services, we’ve begun to define the future of image guided therapy.


Improved guidance technology

Making imaging and therapy simpler, more informative and less invasive is your daily goal. We are uniquely positioned to assist.


Volcano is the only company in the industry with leading positions in both IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) catheters that are capable of producing ultrasound images of the interior of blood vessels and FFR (fractional flow reserve) catheters that are used to assess the blood flow. Integrated with our state-of-the-art interventional tools such as EchoNavigator, you will experience exceptional insight for precise device placement.


Expect innovation and leadership in interventional imaging from Philips.


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